Have you heard of Vero yet? The new Social Media app is topping charts looking to rival Facebook and Instagram

Ant Palmer/Getty Images
Ant Palmer/Getty Images

What’s Vero?

A social media app created years ago is increasing in popularity after promising it’s users that it won’t make the same mistakes as Facebook and Instagram.

Vero was co-founded in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire Ayman Hariri, and has a “manifesto” that seems to be resonating with users amid algorithm changes on other social networks.

The app, which is available on iPhones and Androids, has been so widely downloaded around the world in recent days that it’s led to technical issues.

What’s different about Vero?

Vero has made a long list of promises to lure more users, the most notable being that it will stay ad-free, with no data mining, and won’t change things drastically with constant algorithm changes. That means posts will show up in chronological order, and some content won’t be preferred over others.

It also offers tailored friends lists — with categories such as close friends, friends, acquaintances and followers — each with different security settings. Thank god!

What’s the catch?

Without ads how does this network keep running? A subscription fee.

While the app is free to download, users will have to pay an annual fee to stay connected. The first million users, however, will have free accounts for now.’ However whilst researching this post we’ve found below that VERO have decided to extend past the one millions users! grab your account now whilst you can!


Our conclusion

Are you over the algorithms and updates from the other service providers? Perhaps you’re sick of seeing Justin Bieber photo’s in your Twitter feed? Perhaps you’re worried that social media sites are listening in on you and tailoring ads to you?

Or perhaps you’re totally content with the constant scroll of meme photos on your Facebook feed?

We us, the biggest selling point early is that there are no ads and that the feed is in chronological order.


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Top Free Instagram Analytics Tools

Instagram is one of the few social media networks that doesn’t offer its own analytics program. But not to worry, because there are a range of tools that can provide you with all the insights you need in order to maximise engagement. To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of free analytic tools so that you can use straight away to improve your Insta engagement:

Squarelovin is an in-depth analytics tool that will show you metrics on recent posts and growth, a monthly analysis, and a history of your posts broken down into year, month, day, and hour. You can also manage your Insta from Sqaurelovin, allowing you to like, comment and create albums. Squarelovin also shows you your best and worst times to post—what more could you want?

Simply Measured offers a detailed user report on your Instagram—all you have to do is follow their Twitter account. Seems like a fair deal, right?

This tool is available for anyone with less than 25k followers and provides some serious detail. You can download your report in Excel to analyse it further yourself, or you can stick with Simply Measured’s easy-to-read charts and raw numbers.

Locowise will compare your Insta to 2500 other profiles and offers benchmarks against a variety of metrics. Locowise will tell you about your follower growth, follower engagement and your most popular filter. It also allows you to compare your account with others who have a similar following size, allowing you to get a pretty accurate comparison of what your engagement looks like.



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Instagram 101: Growing your social presence

For anyone trying to make it big on instagram, no matter the reason, everyone shares a common goal. More Likes and Followers! When it comes to Instagram, followers are the top priority for anyone trying to spread or market their profile. A good follower count is one of the first things that people see when they’re looking at your profile. While people may say followers don’t matter, that’s simply not true. If people see a high follower count, they immediately become interested and want to know the reason why? They genuinely ask themselves the question, Why are so many people following this one person(account). But more important than just gaining followers, is consistently gaining followers. You don’t want to just be that viral video that everyone laughed at that one time. You want to be the star that people love to watch and see everyday.

Whether your someone just starting out, wanting to make your way to the top, or someone who’s already had a surge of growth and just looking to keep their audience and keep growing, a constant inflow of followers is extremely important. There is two key words to Instagram success: content and consistency. It is impossible to achieve Instagram success without both of these. Quality content without consistency leads to a disappointed follow base and will lead to people unfollowing the account. Consistency without quality content will lead to a very slow growth trend. Getting started on Instagram and staining your first follower base can be the hardest part, as it is required for gaining attention; and when an account has very little followers, not many people pay it very much attention.

It’s all about the hashtags! Every image not posted with any hashtag is a wasted opportunity to gain natural exposure.

Engage With Influencers & Your Followers! Don’t overlook the importance of engaging on Instagram. If you simply post your videos and images and ignore your comments, you risk alienating your audience. Engagement also means interacting with other users by liking and commenting on their content. Focus on building a community rather than just thinking of Instagram as a place to distribute content.

Grow your Instagram following and likes by purchasing one of our packages at www.onahype.com for as little as £4.99 a month.



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